The world’s first wearable power meter

Zone DPMX is the world’s first wearable power meter. It’s affordable, portable, and provides dual left and right power measurement. Attached to your shoes, not your bike, so you can move between bikes and measure power on all of them. Compatible with Speedplay® Zero pedal and cleat systems, and works with ANT+® bike computers and smartphones. From best bike to winter bike to trainer to loaner, just change bikes and go – and your power meter goes with you.

Everything is on your shoes, and installation is as easy as fitting new cleats. There’s nothing on the bike, not even a magnet, so you have your own power meter whatever bike you choose to ride. That means you get consistent power measurement and recording every time you ride. No more frustration because your power meter is on your other bike. No more wondering whether different power meters are calibrated the same.

Zone DPMX in action

Watch the Zone DPMX Dual in action in the video, measuring power (watts), cadence (rpm) and left/right power balance (%). Values are sent wirelessly to a standard ANT+ bike computer for display and recording. Watch power and cadence reacting to the rider’s efforts, and watch power balance change when the rider unclips one shoe. Finally, watch what happens when the Zone DPMX Dual is reduced to a Zone DPMX Single by removing one pod.

A version for every pocket

Two versions of the Zone DPMX power meter so you can choose

zone dpmx single

Zone DPMX Single

Affordable power measurement on your left shoe only. Upgradeable to Zone DPMX Dual.


zone dpmx double

Zone DPMX Dual

Accurate power measurement on both shoes, with left/right power balance.


Zone DPMX Features

This is the power meter you’ve been searching for. A real power meter you can use on all your bikes, every ride, outdoors or indoors. With a set of features not matched by any other power meter, it ticks all the boxes.


It’s fitted to you, not your bike, so it’s always with you. Road, trainer, gym, even a loaner. It goes everywhere you go. You get consistent power data on every bike and every ride.

Left/right balance

left right balance
A complete power meter that measures your left/right power balance as well as total power and cadence to give you all the data you need (Zone DPMX Dual only).


Zone DPMX uses the industry standard ANT+ wireless system so it works out of the box with many popular bike computers and smartphones.

Easy To Install

easy to install
Installation is as simple as fitting new cleats. Everything you need is in the box. Software upgrades are a snap too – no tools needed, just use the charging dock and a PC.


Made from high grade materials, the Zone DPMX is tough enough for the road, and adds just 44 gm (1½ oz) per shoe.

All Weather

all weather
Completely sealed to take any conditions you can take. Waterproof to IPx7, temperature from 15ºF to 140ºF.


No hassle recharging. Just snap out the pods and click them into the USB charging dock.

High precision

high precision
Measurement to ±2% accuracy means you can depend on Zone DPMX to guide your training and improve your performance.

Technical Specifications

Zone DPMX has a specification that puts it up there with the best. It gives you everything you need to perform. No compromise.