Everything you need is in the box. Just follow the steps to install and use it. Software upgrades are a snap too – no tools needed, just use the dock and a PC..

It’s fitted to you, not your bike, so it’s always with you. Road, trainer, gym, even a loaner. It goes everywhere you go. You get power data on every bike and every ride.

A complete power meter that measures your left/right power balance as well as total power and cadence to give you all the data you need.

Measurement to +/- 2% accuracy means you can depend on the power values to guide your training and improve your performance.

Completely sealed to take any conditions you can take. Waterproof to IP67, temperature from 15’F to 140’F.

Made from high grade materials, not only is the ZONE D.P.M.X tough enough for the road, it adds just 35 gm (1.25 oz) per shoe.

No hassle recharging. Just snap out the pods and click them into the USB charging dock.

It uses the industry standard ANT+ wireless system so it works out of the box with many popular bike computers, phones, displays, and receivers.