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News: Validating the market

There’s a lot of talk in online forums and media of power meters in the last few weeks – new designs announced, previously announced ones going mysteriously silent, detailed analysis of prototypes and press releases, even a few conspiracy theories. Power meters suddenly seem to be the coming Big Thing. At the Eurobike trade show in Germany a couple of weeks ago we had established equipment companies becoming involved, and around every corner there seemed to be another pedal or crank based system in development with an optimistic launch date. Suddenly everyone wants to design a power meter.

As far as we’re concerned all this activity “validates the market”. In other words, it demonstrates that we were right about power meters – their time has come. It’s interesting to note though that all the systems announced recently still focus on instrumenting the bike, not the rider. It will be interesting too to see who delivers, and who’s left standing when the dust settles. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting in the power meter market, and with all this competition lining up there’s no doubt that in the end the winner will be you, the bike rider. One big win is already apparent. That’s the ANT+Sport wireless standard being used by all power meter systems, both available and announced (with just one very notable exception). ANT+Sport wireless compatibility means that bike sensors and displays from different manufacturers work together, so you can mix and match as you want. It’s hard to see why any power meter design would use a proprietary wireless link, except as a way to lock users into their products.

Meanwhile we’re working steadily on the development of our own system. Not just on the technical development but also on putting in place the resources and alliances we’ll need to bring it to market. Lots of interesting things going on back here behind the curtain, which we’ll share with you just as soon as we can. Our approach is to go carefully, and only promise what we know we can deliver. No unrealistic announcements or press releases, no showing prototypes in a glass case at trade fairs, no rash promises. As soon as we’ve got real information we’ll give it. We’d love to be able to confidently answer today the three questions we get asked most frequently: when can I buy it? which pedal & cleat system? how much? We know what we think the answers will be, but there are still a few variables that could change things so we’ll wait until we’re sure. We hope that won’t be very long, but these things have a habit of taking much more time to pin down than planned. Thanks for your patience.

By the way, I’ll be attending Interbike in Las Vegas next week, and the ANT+ symposium in Alberta the following week, so if you’ll be at either and you happen to see me do say hello. Or if you’d like to arrange to meet for a chat get in touch.

[Photo of shoe with small black box]

A recent prototype of our power meter. This one weighed just 15 grams in total.

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