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News: How to move a Zone

Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, so we’ve put together a short video: “How to move a Zone power meter from one bike to another”, or “I got the power meter swap shop blues”.

Eurobike last week

We were at the Eurobike show in Germany last week. What is it about black T shirts? It seemed that about 80% of the booth staff were wearing them. The only difference between staff on different booths was the logo on their black T shirts. Memo to staff: no black T shirts when we get our own booth at bike shows!

Interbike this week

Meanwhile we’re off on our travels again this week, this time to the Interbike show in Las Vegas. Lots of meetings to attend, and checking out competitors to do. If you’ll be there and see us around be sure to say hello. We’re friendly kind of people. We’ll also be at the ANT+ symposium in Kananaskis, Alberta, in a couple of weeks, and looking forward to that. Always a great program laid on by the ANT+ guys.

Status update

In the Brim Brothers workshop things are moving along. We got a fantastic response to the announcement of the Zone a couple of months ago. You sent us lots of messages and comments urging us to work even harder to bring our unique technology to you! So we’re trying to do just that. The Zone is in field test now, and so far it’s performing well. We’re looking forward to some exciting results from the tests.

And just in case you’re wondering, the answers to the two Big Questions are still the same: Launch will be sometime in 2012, and we are not publishing a price just yet.

28 Responses to “How to move a Zone”

  1. Molteni Mike says:

    Neat! Perfectly illustrates why all other powermeters are to become extinct!

  2. JeanPierreNenuphar says:

    The latest Garmin vector announcement was a huge disappointment (Look pedal + price). Let’s hope you don’t make the same mistake.

  3. adam says:

    Have to agree with @JeanPierre – Garmin’s was a huge disappointment – ESPECIALLY surrounding the price.

    I’m really hoping the price point on this is geared towards Everyman rather than The Chosen Few.

  4. Francisco says:

    Well… Jean Pierre is right, they (garmin-vector) increase U$D500 at the estimate product price.
    Good to know that Z one is already in field test. Who knows we have a new powermeter at 2012 interbike.

    Keep walking guys!


  5. Mike says:

    Great news that it’s in field testing…
    The challenge may be that people will not be prepared to wait… The Vecor is affordable to many, Powertap prices are dropping fast and even Quarq are getting cheaper – and they are all wellproven and established market brands.
    I know I will have to buy something else as I am not prepared to wait for a launch date that could still be over 12 months away…

  6. mkrs says:

    How about I pay you now (and get, say, a 15% beta tester discount) and start using Zone now? :D I even agree to ride a not-yet-ready product and promise I will send you as much feedback as I can – all I expect is the possibility to upgrade the firmware as soon as you create a new version… haha

    C’mon guys!! I can’t wait for this product! It’s really exciting :)

  7. ChronoFish says:

    I’m with mkrs – willing to pay now for a product that is known to be in beta….(or even Alpha!). Even if you don’t have all the software ready – just give me an API!


  8. Ivan says:

    I’m with ChronoFish :)

  9. Michael Tighe says:

    I think the product is worth waiting for. The pluses compared to other products on the market, including the pedal based systems simply make it the most ingenious product out there, and you can only need to buy one! As a mountain and road biker I’m so excited I could burst! Anyway lads, keep up the great work, good luck with the testing and keep us informed of launch date.

  10. Blah43 says:

    I’d love to beta test for a price. BB would benefit from a wider range of users too.

  11. David says:

    I’m in if you’re looking for beta testers. It would finally provide a power measurement system for our tandem race bike.

  12. DBrott says:

    The real key is to be Speedplay compatible. Resist pressure undercharge – assure yourself needed margins to make a great product.

  13. sam says:

    Please sell direct to public. You get the same price for the item, while consumers don’t pay a middleman markup.

  14. Tin says:

    I’m in for beta testing but don’t know if Garmin have readily a firmware to display left and right power reading to the public.

  15. Swidi says:

    Please please don’t drop the Speedplays. What happened with metrigear was such a disappointment — to be bought up by Garmin for starters, then the pedal platform, and then — the price!!

    I agree with Sam re direct sales. I keep all my fingers crossed for you guys.

  16. Peter78 says:

    Can’t wait for the release. Garmin totally disappointed without speedplay version.

  17. eightzero says:

    Keep the news coming. Looking forward to buying your product. Held out for Metrigear Vector, and they really dropped the ball. No chance I will buy that product.

  18. w01fy says:

    Can’t wait, would happily beta test (as most would), in every weather condition :)

    Like others have said, please keep speedplay, such a shame with the garmin. the money i set aside isn’t going to garmin (i do love their headunits though)

  19. Tom says:

    How has the field test been going??????? Would love an update.

  20. mkrs says:

    Hi guys, it’s time for an update! There are people looking forward to some words from you here (me included) ;) You won’t disappoint us, will you? :)

  21. Barry says:

    Update coming in the next week or two – no big announcements, just a progress report and up to date answers to the questions we get all the time.

  22. rick says:

    Looking great so far,my concern is also the price as i too was dissapointed with garmin’s price and so decided to look elsewhere. Good luck guys

  23. Rob says:

    Ok Barry, I bought a Quarq for my road bike to replace my old wired power tap. I also bought a wireless power tap for my mountain bike. I will sell my Quarq and buy the Zone when you release it. Also, I badly want a cleat-based power meter for my Shimano SPD pedals. I know this will be difficult but please do it. A lot of guys I race mountain bike with would love a decent affordable power meter. I’m still burning a candle in the window for you!!

  24. Golden says:

    I was SO excited when Metrigear first announced their product. I love my Speedplay pedals and loved the concept of a simple, reasonably priced power meter. Big disappointment in the Garmin announcement, moving away from Speedplay, and the price being unexpectedly high. I’m really looking forward to your product launch, and like everyone else would gladly pay to help test them (I offered the same to MetriGear with no luck). I’m a principal software engineer, have written my own Ant+ data collection program, and I love to ride! Please, please pick me!

  25. Steve says:

    Can’t wait. I was looking at the Garmin Vector in March but if these are available soon I would love to try them out as I have many bikes and even changing out pedals all the time would become a real pain. Please keep us updated!

  26. sami says:

    It seems to me that all these announcements are pre mature. Save them to the time you are ready to take orders

  27. Eran says:

    I hear all the excitement about Speedplay pedals, but they are a seriously limited platform. I can understand why the Z might use such a large base, but PLEASE SPD or Time cleats also. Two additional chip shot ideas, 1) use a ribbon wire to limit the bulk on shoe exterior and, 2) can the wire needs to run on the interior so that it doesn’t shred during that unplanned but eventual crash.

  28. Axel says:

    I’m just surfing for any other solution for power measurments, you guys defenetly have a hot lineup here, supporting iPhone apps and the wahoo fitness dongle is defenetly going to get you good sales rates.
    I was wondering: Is this system restricted to a special cleat type? I could not find saying what cleat is supported.. ;-)

    Keep it up!

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