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News: Survey 2013 open now


One of the things that keeps us going is the constant stream of messages we get from you. To help us get to know what you want a bit better we’ve decided to ask you in a more formal way, so we’ve just opened an online survey. You can find it at To help repay you for giving us 5 minutes of your time everyone who completes the survey can enter a draw for one of two Edge 510 bike computers.

This is your chance to tell us what you think of what we’re doing, and your opportunity to influence the future of power meters. The survey, and the chance to win an Edge 510, will only be open until Monday 8th April 2013 so don’t delay. Do it now before you forget.


In the last few weeks we’ve had a couple of new engineers join the team here at Brim Brothers global HQ. We want to say welcome to Alex and Ivan, who are already putting in long hours to help us make sure the Zone power meter will be what you expect it to be. Alex is focusing on the sensors and Ivan is taking responsibility for the software.

When and how much?

In answer to those permanent questions, we are still working towards a launch in Q3 of this year, and we have not yet announced a price for the Zone.

3 Responses to “Survey 2013 open now”

  1. Lindsey McWilliams says:

    Interesting idea for a survey: free-form responses. Given the apparent problems with other pedal-based power meters, it’s probably good to invest time, energy, and money in getting it right the first time. Another approach: In my last job I developed a computer-based voter-ballot system. We first used five systems to test; switched to different platforms for another five; switched again as computers got smaller; and rolled out 75 for the final test. You might consider a similar approach as your beta units get closer to alpha.

  2. Danny Brownell says:

    Its great to have another entry into the mix and I’ll be keeping my eye on it, now with the right price point, it will have a niche, no doubt about it. I do have Speedplay pedals and older Dura-Race cranks that do not work with some other power meters without changing out components, which seems to costly right now for a power meter. Personally it comes down to cost and how reliable it will be, which I’m willing to wait for.

  3. Mike Torres says:


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