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News: Launching in 10, 9, 8 ….

It’s been a while since we published anything here, but that’s mostly because we haven’t had time! We’ve been working harder than ever to bring the Zone power meter to you, and we are counting down to launch in August. About 2 weeks ago we sent an email to everyone on our pre-order list, as follows:

Date: 9th March 2014


You are receiving this email because a pre-order for a Brim Brothers Zone power meter was submitted using your email address on . Your pre-order number is [--].

As a valued prospective customer we want to keep you up to date with progress, and make sure you are the first to receive new information. We also want to ask you to review your pre-order (see below). Your patience and interest is one of the things that energised us to keep working hard, and we really appreciate your faith in us.

The Zone power meter will be launched in August 2014. When the Zone is available we will work our way down the pre-order list in the order they were received, offering one to each in turn. When we make an offer to you you will be free to accept or decline as you wish. The big question I know you want to ask is what the price will be. The price and full specifications will be published nearer the launch date so you will have all the information you need to make the decision.

We have so many pre-orders already that it may take us until the end of 2014 to work our way through them. How long it will take to get to you depends on where you are on the list, and how many ahead of you decide to purchase or not. You can get some indication of where you are on the pre-order list by looking at your reference number.

As we prepare to launch the Zone power meter we want to review all the pre-orders we’ve received, including yours. So we want to ask you 3 very short questions that should take you no more than 60 seconds to answer. Please click on this link to get to your survey page:
[this survey was only available to people on our pre-order list]

This link is only for you so do not forward it to anyone else. It is uniquely tied to your email address and this survey, and it can only be used to complete the survey once. Please do this very short survey even if you have only submitted your pre-order recently. If you have any questions please email, or just reply to this email. If you do not want to receive any further emails from Brim Brothers please click this link: [--]

Thank you,
The Brim Brothers team

(If you submitted a pre-order before 9th March but didn’t get this email let us know by email to

We had a huge response to the request to do the short survey, and an overwhelming majority of you confirmed that you want to stay on the pre-order list. Thank you!

Meanwhile, in the Brim Brothers offices and labs we’re getting very excited – we think this power meter is going to be really cool and we can’t wait to show it. Over the next few months we will be providing more information by email to everyone on the pre-order list, and you can also stay in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Responses to “Launching in 10, 9, 8 ….”

  1. Francisco says:

    Hi friends.

    The link to the survey page, is broken, so I can’t answer it.


  2. Barry says:

    This survey was only for people on our pre-order list, so the link is intentionally not available here.

  3. Paul says:

    What’s the general price point? Are you closer to Stages or Garmin? I know it’s very difficult to bring a new product to market but it’s been years and we, your potential customers, have been given zero hard data to consider.

  4. Barry says:

    Paul, we’ll be publishing lots of hard information over the next few weeks. If you’re on our pre-order list you’ll be among the first to read all the exciting news we’re getting ready to release.

    It’s been a long road, but we’re almost there. We really appreciate your patience, and the support and encouragement we’ve received from you and all our potential customers. When we decided to leave the curtains open right from the start of the project, so that you could see what we were doing, we knew we were taking a risk, but we’ve been amazed by the number of people who have supported us and stayed with us all the way through. Thank you.

  5. Dave says:

    Been putting off my powermeter choice for almost a year until this is announced. If it comes in at a competitive price with good accuracy then I’m in.

    Certainly hoping more stages than Vector price point.

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