About Us

We founded Brim Brothers Ltd in Dublin Ireland in 2008 to develop a wearable power meter for cyclists. The founders were enthusiastic club cyclists who wanted a better power meter, and engineers with many years experience in embedded systems and sensors. We set out with a clear vision of the wearable power meter we wanted, and we looked for technology that would let us build it. When we discovered that some of the technology we needed didn’t exist, we invented it. Perfecting those inventions has taken some time, and a bucket full of persistence, but the result is a power meter that matches our original vision.

The CEO and founder of Brim Brothers is Barry Redmond. Barry has a degree in electronics engineering, and a PhD in computer science. He worked for many years designing process control and embedded sensor systems. He co-founded Microsol Ltd, and designed the company’s innovative distributed data aquisition system. He worked in the Dublin Institute of Technology as a lecturer and as head of the Department of Computer Engineering. And of course, he’s an enthusiastic cyclist, riding and racing with his local club, Orwell Wheelers. He’s still trying to find some spare time to rebuild his restored 1988 Colnago Sprint.

The journey from that first idea to a working product has been challenging and exciting. There were highs and lows, but we were encouraged through it all by the huge support we got from the worldwide cycling community. Brim Brothers has also been supported by investment from a number of sources, including Enterprise Ireland and Growing Capital.


Brim Brothers is a member of the ANT+ Alliance.

Brim Brothers Ltd.

Office address:
B3 Nutgrove Enterprise Park, Nutgrove Way,
Dublin, D14 F788, Ireland.
Office phone & fax:
+353 1 491-6977
VAT no. IE-9691407S.
Registered address:
Harmony Court, Harmony Row,
Dublin 2, D02 VY52, Ireland.
Registered in Ireland no. 459327.